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Revival in Nations

Revival in the Church will bring change in the nation. Revival is purely the work of the Holy Spirit. The God intended standard for the Church is displayed in the Acts of Apostles. Revival is today’s Church coming back to that original standard.


Maximising the Ministry

of Prayer and Intercession.

We consider prayer as as our primary ministry. Prayer brings healing and blessing to the nations. (2 Chronicles 7:14). God is looking for a man to stand in the gap to intercede (Ezekiel 22:30).

Every revival is the result of earnest prayers, without prayer, there will be no revival. So, we mobilise prayer force in order to seek the face of God for revival.


We try to maximise the ministry of prayer by organizing fasting prayers, night prayers, long hours of chain prayers (Eg.: 100 hours, 300 hours, 1000 hours non-stop prayers)

We do prayer conferences and schools of revival to impart the vision and to prepare God’s people to expect and pray for revival.

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