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Kids Paradise

Kids Paradise ministry has one goal - To communicate the image of Christ to the children of Mysore. At ICRM, we believe that each child is special and a blessing from God. Investing in their lives is investing into the future of our church and our nation. Our vision is to nurture our children to walk as Jesus walked, to learn to walk yielded to the Spirit of God, being naturally supernatural and manifesting the glory of God, in everyday life.


It is very important to us that children are influenced by teachings from the Bible and to help them to become active members in God's kingdom while they're still young. Every week children are nurtured with a systematic syllabus of God. Every year, through summer camps conducted through the church in different parts of the city and villages, children are helped and motivated to find their purpose for living. We desire that each of our Children learn to live for God's Kingdom and to release Kingdom purposes through their lives.

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