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Dunamis Men's Fellowship


DMF meets every Monday of the week and aims at helping the men of ICRM to become better men at their homes and in their workplaces. DMF tries to accomplish this by studying God's Word, serving the church and community and connecting men for the purpose of developing Godly character through a deeper relationship with Christ thereby enabling them to minister to other men. 


Through this ministry, ICRM is building up a team of men who would take the responsibility of providing, nurturing and leading their family as God’s representatives in this world. As men play a crucial role in the family, as a church, we want to inculcate the habit of spending time with God and in turn, enabling them to spending time with their families. The essence of DMF is in the time allotted to share their victories and failures called “WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) Time”, which encourages the group to show forth the character of Jesus.

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