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prayer ministry

Prayer Ministry


Through our prayer ministry, our aim is to foster a culture of extensive prayer and intercession. We engage our church community through regular fasting sessions, prayer seminars, camps, walks, and city-wide prayer gatherings.

Our vision is to witness revival in our nation, recognizing prayer as integral to this transformative process. The prayer ministry holds a significant role within our church, initiating prayer sessions spanning 100 hours, 300 hours, and 1000 hours. Notably, we have mobilized prayer initiatives across Karnataka, including events like MOPFRIKA, 12-hour prayer sessions dedicated to Karnataka, and prayer meetings organized ward-wise.

MOPFRIKA: MObilizing Prayer Force for Revival In KArnataka.


Our primary focus on maximizing the ministry of prayer and intercession led to the establishment of MOPFRIKA, a significant prayer initiative conducted in 2001 and 2014. This initiative encompassed all 30 districts of Karnataka, where a dedicated team of prayer warriors journeyed daily to each district. Their mission was to unite local churches, mobilize prayer efforts, and fervently seek a revival across Karnataka.

PPR: Peace Prayer Rally

Peace Prayer Rally is a prayer strategy conducted to declare the peace and God's blessings over the city of Mysuru. ICRM Central Church played a vital role in organizing this prayer march over the years where many Churches united together for the march under the banner of Mysore Christian Caring Forum (MCCF)

Prayer Initiations

Prayer for the 65 wards of Mysuru 
Prayer for elections

Panchayath prayer

Fasting Prayers

12 hours 

21 days

40 days

Dawn prayers

Watch-night prayers



 Special Prayer Initiations

 1000 hours

300 hours

100 hours


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